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Guaranteeing results for golfers, higher productivity for golf professionals, and more enjoyment for both!

At RGX our focus is
Developing People to Maximize Potential

Golf instructors all over the WORLD are having great success using the RGX Coaching System to launch and run effective and profitable coaching programs. Join the Revolution!


How Does RGX Work?


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We combine education, consulting, a proven system, proprietary software, and support to help you get results in your business (just like you'll be getting results for your students)

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What RGX Can Do For You

1. Business Analysis

We begin by learning who you are and get a clear picture of your current business and your goals. 

4. Business Coaching

We have worked with 100’s of coaches to guide them to increase revenue, reduce work hours and enjoy life  more. 

2. Market Strategy

We develop a clear strategy based on your situation to market appropriately to generate leads and convert them into clients. 

5. Community Support

The RGX Community is a international group of coaches, coming together to offer feedback, support and insights. 

3. Step by Step Processes

From running large junior programs to transitioning adults into coaching, RGX has simple processes to help your run an efficient and profitable business.

6. Mentorship

Get on an RGX Mentor team with coaches in similar situations and focus, along with a trained RGX Mentor, who will keep you on track and accountable to achieving your goals.


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​Meet the team behind the name

Will Robins


Through RGX, Will trains over 80 coaches worldwide on how to implement programs that accelerate and guarantee results for their students while doubling their teaching / coaching revenue.

Sylvia Settlemoir

Director of Operations & Coach Liaison

Joining RGX in 2014 when there were 14 coaches, Sylvia has worked directly with every RGX Coach to give support and ensure coaches have what they need, when they need it. 

Courtney Lombardo

Director of Sales and Marketing

Courtney began with WRGolf in 2012 which gives her a in-depth knowledge on how to grow a golf coaching business. She is in charge of marketing and sales.


Take your business to the next level?

RGX offers courses to golf professionals who want to make more money, work less hours and get better results for their players. Choose specific courses on building coaching programs, to self improvement, or even start your membership to have full access to all the courses. Click below to see our course offerings.