Transition to Coaching


Do you have an established business and working tons of hours?  Revenue is fine, but you are burnt out?  This is the course for you!  Learn how to begin to transition your private, 1-on-1 sessions into a group session in a program that is less expensive for your player, uses less of your time, yet makes you more money.

DROI Challange

1 year of access

Join this online, self paced course to get your first coaching team up and running.  You have access to this course for 1 year.

DROI Challenge PLUS 12 Live Calls

1 year of access

Join this course, watch the video, do the work and then join on Live RGX Calls (up to 12) to answer your questions directly.

  • Module 1 – Revolution to Results
    • The 5 Why’s
    • What is Holding You Back?
  • Module 2 – Your Story and Vision
    • Your Mission
    • Your Story and Vision
    • Your Journey
    • Power of the Story
    • Your Vision
    • Wrap Up
  • Module 3– Instructor to Coach
    • Coaches Ask Great Questions
    • How to Assess a Player’s Game
    • Guaranteeing Results
    • Goal Setting and Building a Plan
    • Learning Environment
    • Creating a Great Culture
  • Module 4 – Your Goal Setting
    • Goal Setting
    • Visualizing Success
    • Define Your Perfect Player
  • Module 5 – Building Programs
    • Intro to Programs
    • Adult Programs Models
    • Coaching Formats for Adults
    • Elite Junior Programs
    • Junior Programs
    • Pricing
    • Wrap Up
  • Module 6 – Your Pioneer Team
    • How NOT to Sell
    • First Key To Selling
    • Focus on the Referral
    • The Movie Trailer
    • Conversations and Conversions
    • Have the Conversation
    • Leads for Future Teams
    • Personal Invitations
  • Module 7 – What’s Next
    • What’s Next