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Transition to Coaching

Do you have an established business and working tons of hours?  Revenue is fine, but you are burnt out?  This is the course for you!  Learn how to begin to transition your private, 1-on-1 sessions into a group session in a program that is less expensive for your player, uses less of your time, yet makes you more money.

Keys to Selling

If you are struggling to fill your programs, not getting enough prospects in, not getting enough leads, not generating the money you want, it is time to understand  and master the keys to selling?  The way to do that is NOT to sell.  In this course, learn how to define your story and share your passion with others about your vision.  Learn to ask the right questions and allow people to sell themselves.

Unlock Your Potential

If you feel held back by negative thoughts, old habits, or lack of motivation this course is for you! This course will develop your inner strengths and skills so you can define and build your dream business and life.

The Scoring Method Level 1

If you want guaranteed results for your players to shoot lower scores and  have more fun then check out The Scoring Method! This radical new way to think about playing the game of golf improve scores without changing the swing!

The Scoring Method Level 2

Ready to take The Scoring Method to the next level for further improvement? Enroll today to go in depth on the gears of the game, practice plans, self image and do some challenges from Coach Will.

RGX Live

Join RGX Coaches from around the world to discuss a variety of topics such as business strategies, time management, marketing campaigns, self improvement, program development and relevant industry topics.

How Not to Sell

In this series, you learn the entrepreneurial skills to  build rapport and grow your business.

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