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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to revolutionize golf instruction worldwide through the implementation of coaching programs, which will help our clients make significantly more money, work fewer hours and  and to have a blast doing what they love to do.

We believe that  golf teaching professionals should take responsibility for “saving” the game from the global decline we’ve seen in recent years. We also believe that everyone can learn how to get rid of the frustration that goes with playing weekend golf and finally have fun playing the game.


Our work at RGX is the brainchild of our CEO Will Robins. Back in 2007, Will was tired of hearing players asking him to help them hit 300 yard drives down the middle of the fairway because he knew that wouldn’t increase their happiness when playing golf … Lower scores would. He also knew that teaching one on one by the hour limited his money making potential, so he had to figure out a way to teach six players at once.

But how could he teach so many people at once AND get them better at the same time? The answer for him was teaching players the right way to practice and help them understand how to score while by spending more time on the course than at the driving range. His first coaching program was born and the results were nothing short of phenomenal … his players dropped an average of eleven strokes during his ten week program.

Will was on to something and his players knew it. They started telling their friends about how much better they were getting. Before he knew it, Will’s coaching program was thriving and he experienced financial success he’d only dreamed of.

In 2007, Will taught traditional private instruction and only made $20,000. He launched his first coaching program in 2008 and made $75,000 that year. The next year? $150,000. After just four years, gross revenue from coaching programs reached nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

He knew coaching programs were the way he could revolutionize golf instruction globally, but he couldn’t do it by himself.  He was just one man, at one location.  He decided to work with coaches around the world and help them implement and grow coaching programs.

The Revolution had begun!

Will Robins

Chief Executive Officer

A native of the United Kingdom, Will has been passionate about golf his entire life.

After sustaining an injury that prevented him from continuing his career playing professionally on tour he began teaching golf lessons. He quickly realized traditional instruction did not work, so he developed the coaching program model and got truly amazing results with his average player dropping 11 strokes in just 10 weeks.

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